5 Creative Gifts for Children 

Buying gifts for kids is often an occasion that is fraught with a level of stress which is far in excess of what you’d expect in choosing a simple present for someone who probably still thinks that the moon is made of cheese. Too often does it become a game of politics, where you become more concerned about what the parent thinks of the gift than what the child would actually enjoy. After all, you never want to be the person responsible for giving them a toy that overexcites the kid and drives the parent up the wall. 

So, what are you to do? Well, I’ve found that the best choice is often to look for those gifs that are a bit more creative and hands-on, rather than the simpler toys. These were always my favourite gifts as a child, and they have the added benefit of “educational” value for the parent to appreciate. It’s a win-win all round. 

To help you out on your quest to find the perfect creative gifts for children, I’ve put together this list of some of the more unique or interesting gifts on the market. 

Seedling New York Fashion Designer’s Kit 

This kit is a really neat play on the small, artists mannequins that were so popular back in the day.  In addition to a mannequin for posing, the Seedling New York Fashion Designer’s Kit comes with fabrics, needles and thread so that you can design and create your very own outfits and styles. 

It’s a great introduction for any aspiring fashion designers out there, but it is also a fun and creative outlet for children of all ages. 

StikBot Zanimation Studio 

The StikBot Zanimation Studio, aside from having a fantastically terrible name, is an easy and accessible kit to help children learn the basics of animation. The Studio consists of posing and moving stick figures on a green screen, and then using a phone app to stitch these movements together into an animation.  

It’s easy to set up and very simple to use, so it makes for the ideal gift for children that like to create their own stories or forms of play. 


Although a little on the simpler side compared to some of the other gifts on this list, there is still no escaping the fact that BuildaBear is a fantastic way to add a little bit of creativity and personalisation into a child’s gift. Teddy bears are a staple of childhood, so it should be no surprise that kids like to have some control over what their furry friends look like. 

To keep things within your budget, the best time to get a BuildaBear is during one of their sales or by using a BuildaBear discount code to cut down the price. You can trust that the personalisation from BuildaBear will be appreciated and your gift will be cherished for years to come. 

Rory’s Story Cubes 

These cubes are a very simple, but novel, way for children to learn the basics of storytelling and improvisation. Players role the cubes like dice and interpret the different shapes and symbols on the cube’s faces to construct a narrative. The flexibility and accessibility of this toy makes it great for kids of all ages, and even adults will get some enjoyment out of creating entertaining stories on the fly. 


Ozobot is the highest tech inclusion on this list, and it is mostly here because I personally think it is cool and would appreciate if someone got it for me! Basically, Ozobot is a simple robot that can be taught to understand phrases, follow hand drawn paths and perform different simple tasks. It is the ultimate introduction to programming and robotics for children but is also fun to mess around with even if you don’t understand what is happening beneath the surface. 

There we go, five creative gifts that most children will enjoy playing with and parents will appreciate too. Say goodbye to the days of hunting high and low for a gift.

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