5 of the Best Build-able Gadgets & Toys 

There’s something more satisfying about building your own gadgets or toys that just can’t be beaten by their pre-built competitors. If you’re looking to entertain yourself or trying to find a good gift for an inquisitive child, then this list of my favourite build-able gadgets and toys is for you. 

RED5 Build a Brick Drone 

 Riding on the ongoing drone madness is this little build-able variety from RED5. The Build a Brick Drone uses blocks that are similar to Lego to create a controllable drone. The drone itself doesn’t have any particularly fancy features, but it flies around pretty quickly and the process of putting it together is fun in itself. 

Circuit Maze 

This board game is a pretty fun way for kids to learn about electronics and circuit building. The basic objective is to arrange the blocks in the correct way so as to complete the circuit and beat the challenge. The game comes with 60 different challenges, so it should keep you occupied for more than a little while. 

Kano Computer Kit 

Probably one of the most robust offerings on this list, the Kano Computer Kit is, unsurprisingly, a kit that lets you build your own computer. Using a Raspberry Pi, mouse, keyboard and some customisable decorations you’ll be able to build your own fully functioning computer. The kit comes with a book of challenges and instructions that’ll teach you the basics of computing and programming. 

Beasts of Balance 

Not so much a build-able game, but a game that involves building, Beasts of Balance is a great way to have fun with friends or the family. Paired with a tablet, this game involves stacking a variety of odd creatures and animals to change the world that appears on the tablet screen. Players must work together to build the ideal world without tipping over the tower. 

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox 


To finish out this list is Lego’s newest addition to their string of robot creations, the Lego Boost Creative Toolbox. This toolbox lets you build and program your own robotic creations using the accompanying app on a tablet. This is a great introduction to robotics or just a fun way to spend some time messing around. 

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