Best LEGO Builds

These days there is an almost never-ending list of great Lego builds out there to pick from. Lego sets sit on a rapidly sliding scale of difficulty (and price), so it can sometimes be a little difficult to know what you’re getting in to and deciding exactly which build to do. Hopefully I’ll be able to give you a few ideas, with my picks for the best Lego Builds. I’ll try and focus on sets that can be bought directly from Lego, so that you don’t end up forking over a couple of grand on a discontinued build.

Tower Bridge

As one of London’s most iconic bridges, Tower Bridge makes for a great but difficult building experience. The combination of a lot of very similar bricks in the same colour and the hanging suspension elements of the build, makes it a bit tricky and best to be tackled with someone else’s help. The completed build is great for display, but if you fancy something a little smaller scale you could also try the Lego Architecture London Set, which is much smaller and easier to put together.

2017 Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector’s Edition

The previous version of this iconic ship from Star Wars was discontinued back in 2006, much to the anguish of fans everywhere. Luckily this new set goes above and beyond even what that notoriously complex build offered. The updated version comes in at over 7000 pieces and includes interchangeable mini figures and dishes from both the classical era and the ongoing films.

Old Fishing Store

This one is a little different from the others, since it’s not a branded build or a landmark, but it’s a really fun building experience and it’s great to put on display. This Old Fishing Store will be familiar to film fans, with similar buildings making numerous appearances in cinema over the years. The build is particularly evocative of shark hunter Quint’s shack from the classic film Jaws, one of the included mini figures even bears a resemblance to Quint himself.

Super Star Destroyer

I’m completely breaking my promise not to include discontinued builds, but it’s impossible to make a list of the best Lego builds without including this absolute beast of a set. Weighing in at 8 pounds and stretching to 4 feet long, this massive construction will really leave an impression. Perfect to display on a shelf or mantelpiece, this build is more a statement than a practical undertaking. Since Lego has discontinued the model you can only buy it through 3rd party retailers, meaning the price has now inflated to an eye watering amount. If you can justify the price to yourself, this really is an essential addition to your collection.

These are just a few of my personal favourite Lego builds, but with such a huge catalogue of sets (that seems to be growing every day) you’ll be sure to find the perfect build for you out there.

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